City Manager


This is a professional, managerial position operating in the context of a Council Manager form of government. The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City and is chosen by the City Council solely on the basis of training, experience and administrative qualities. Exercises all powers and performs such duties as may be imposed upon him/her by ordinances of the City, the City Charter and the laws of the State of Minnesota and the United States of America. Advises the Morris Library Board of Directors, Tourism Board, Park Board, Tree Board, Airport Advisory Board and Planning Commission. Serves as a member of the Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission.

Duties and Responsibilities
The City Manager shall conduct the affairs of the City and is hereby authorized and directed as follows:

  1. Insures that the charter and laws, ordinances and resolutions of the City are enforced.
  2. Serves as the clerk and custodian of the corporate seal and of all records, bonds, files, and documents of the City.
  3. Appoints and promotes all subordinate officials, department heads, and employees of the City following procedures as set forth in the City’s Affirmative Action Program, and/or bargaining unit agreements, except for those officers and officials of the City whose appointments have to be ratified by City Council action by the City Charter, City Ordinance, or State or Federal Statutes.
  4. Disciplines, demotes, or removes from office or employment employees appointed by the City Manager, when such action is in the best interest of the City, subject, however, to procedural guarantees and rights specified by federal, state or municipal statutes, regulations, and contractual agreements and the City’s Affirmative Action Program, and except for those officers and officials whereby action has to be ratified by City Council action indicated by the City Charter or City Ordinance. Assigns and transfers personnel from one department to another department as the needs of the City dictate.
  5. Exercises control and supervision over all departments, and divisions of the City Administrative service and coordinates all administrative affairs of the City government, and to that end may investigate, examine, or inquire into the affairs or operation of any department, office or other units of the City administration.
  6. Directs preparation of agendas and attends all meetings of the City Council and takes proper part in the discussions, and recommends to the City Council for adoption such measures deemed necessary or proper for the welfare of the people and the efficient administration of the City’s affairs.
  7. Keeps the City Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City, and prepares and submits to the City Council the annual levy and budget and is responsible for its administration. Prepares and submits required levy reports annually.
  8. Issues manuals, orders, rules, directives and regulations not inconsistent with the City Charter, City Ordinances and State Statutes. Such rules, manuals, orders, directives and regulations shall outline the general and specific procedures for the administration of the City’s activities.
  9. Assists the community's leadership in the implementation of public policy, in dealing with specific problems facing the community at large.
  10. Studies departmental organization and procedure; confers with department heads and administrative personnel on assignments, policy interpretations and related work.
  11. Serves as the head of the Department of Administration which has responsibility for planning, personnel activities, legal services, budget preparation, purchasing, supplying necessary staff and clerical assistance to all offices of the City, the City Council and various City boards and commissions as required.
  12. Serves as the City's Affirmative Action Officer, and Personnel Officer. Negotiates contracts and other legal agreements; signs purchase orders, agreements, contracts and related documents as authorized for the City; represents the City at meetings, organizations, clubs, and the like on behalf of the City.
  13. Assists the Building Inspector who is assigned as the Zoning Administrator for the City. Advises and assists the Morris Planning Commission. Prepares and reviews agendas and information going to the Morris Planning Commission and attends the meetings. Makes recommendations on all zoning questions. Reviews requests and assists the public with zoning questions.
  14. Oversees the coordination of all consultants and contracted services providers for the City.
  15. Oversees all grants and state and federally funded projects and programs.
  16. Serves as a member of the Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission, the economic development authority for the city and council as per a joint powers agreement.
  17. Attends emergency management meetings as part of a joint city/county emergency management system and works in the emergency operation center (EOC) under the direction of the county Emergency Management Director when activated.
  18. Coordinates with local, county and state organizations and departments when required.
  19. Coordinates with other organizations the City chooses to participate in as a member to include the League of Minnesota Cities and the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.
  20. Oversees the City’s website is adequately maintained and presents a positive image of the City.
  21. Stays abreast of legislative issues specifically affecting local government and economic growth.
  22. Prepares and submits Tax Increment Financing (TIF) reports annually.
  23. Oversees city elections and works in conjunction with the Deputy Clerk.
  24. Serves as the Drug and Alcohol Coordinator for the FMCSA
  25. Serves as the Safety Coordinator for the City of Morris.
  26. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the City Council or by ordinances.


Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  1. Ability to read and understand written information.
  2. Ability to communicate in an understandable manner to include presentation of information.
  3. Knowledge of federal and state laws, rules and regulations as they pertain to city government.
  4. Knowledge of the City Charter, ordinances and appropriate resolutions governing the City of Morris.
  5. Knowledge of union contracts and ability to negotiate terms and conditions on behalf of the City.
  6. Knowledge of general contracts and the ability to negotiate terms and conditions on behalf of the City.
  7. Ability to write ordinances and resolutions and make a presentation of such to the citizens and City Council.
  8. Ability to use computers, computer software and programs, and other various communication devices and office equipment.
  9. Ability to compile city budgets and understand basic funding.
  10. Ability to establish and maintain confidentiality.
  11. Ability to manage time and prioritize work tasks.

Education/Training Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in public administration, government, or related field. Master’s degree preferred. Additional municipal administrative experience may be used as a substitute for graduate degree.

Experience Requirement

Five years of responsible administrative experience.

Special Requirements

Valid Driver’s License in the State of Minnesota

Job Details

Posted Date
March 29, 2023
, MN
Expiration Date
April 26, 2023